What are the Best Tinder Hacks?

What are the Best Tinder Hacks?

Tinder is the refuge for every single person who is tired of finding love by all the traditional ways. If you want quick and easy love, Tinder is the place (app!) for you. But, unfortunately scoring a partner is not easy over this hyper active platonic social app. Frustration is normal to crop in when you are not getting as many quality matches as you would like.

Here we are with some of the best fail-safe Tinder hacks to get more matches.

Rephrase Your Written Profile

Potential matches pick cues from your written profile on Tinder, this is why it is important to work on your profile to make it appealing and attractive.

The first step in rephrasing your profile is to craft a thoughtful and interesting tagline. Being honest with the tagline and using words to present who you really are can get the attention of people who will otherwise ignore or avoid you on Tinder. Avoid being overtly sexual and dishonest in your written profile. After tagline, you should complete the rest of your written profile as Tinder has an algorithm in place to push incomplete profiles at the bottom of the list. That being said, don’t go overboard. There is a 500 word limit in Tinder, but nobody cares to read that much in a profile, an ideal written profile is 100-300 words long.

Once you are done restructuring your written profile, check if it appears to be too eccentric. If there is any information that seems like you are bragging your accomplishments or flaunting your wealth, rephrase it to something more polite.

Humor is the final touch that will get you more likes. If somehow your written profile makes the other person smile or laugh, they are sure to swipe you right on Tinder.

Carefully Pick The Profile Picture

Putting a group photo, a photo of your dog or a click of your six packs won’t get matches that you deserve. A good quality profile picture is a must to get attractive partners on Tinder. Don’t put up pictures that are low quality or taken under circumstances that make you look like an uninteresting person. Take pics that are in good resolution without any blur or bad lighting.

Tinder gives you the freedom to load multiple pictures on your profile. However, including too many photos can backfire, as it increases the risk of turning someone off. Ideally, keep your picture count anywhere between 3 to 6. Some of these pictures can be with your pet, as it increases the likelihood of getting more matches. For your profile, a clear headshot is a must. All other pictures come secondary, but an attractive headshot photo is what makes your face appear clearly. Of many of the photos you upload, one should be a full-body dressed picture that gives an idea of what you might look like going out on a date. This will give potential matches an idea of how you look like from head to toe.

Finally, it is not necessary that you will get the right pictures with one try. If the photos you uploaded are not getting you enough quality matches, change with other pictures to see what works for you.

Experiment with Tinder Settings

Default Tinder settings are tailored to get you matches from the closest neighborhood. You can enlarge the geographical area to get more potential matches. This is especially useful if you live in a suburb or rural area. Age range is another setting to mess with. If you have set the limit to tight then you might be losing on quality matches on Tinder. Start expanding the age limit by a small range, for instance, if your current setting is at 20-25 years, increase it to 20-30 years.

If you are really desperate to get more matches, you can use the premium service called Tinder Boost. This service boosts your profile to the top of the swipe list for a fee. Being on top of the list increases your profile’s visibility and gets you more matches. According to Tinder’s claim, their Boost service increases profile views by 10 times.

These are the the best Tinder hacks that you need to follow to increase your matches on that awesome app.