Best Anonymous Sexting Websites and Sexting App

Anonymous Sexting Websites and Sexting App

Sexting or sexual texting is not a taboo anymore, as it used to be once. With younger generation getting more comfortable with the idea of experimenting with and exploring their sexuality, the popularity of sexting websites and the anonymous sexting app is one the rise. According to a report, 35% Americans sext with their partner and out of these 38% are women. It’s no wonder that to meet the needs of a sexually active community messaging apps and social websites are incorporating options for sexting.

While sexting is such lucrative opportunity for youngsters, still most of us want to maintain our anonymity while living up to our fantasies through sexting. Here are the best anonymous sexting apps and websites that let you have fun without compromising on your privacy with strangers.

  1. Arousr

If you are new to sexting, then you need an app that can guide you through the adult conversation. Arousr is an app that lets you sext as well as have guided adult conversations. As a new member you get 100 credits to start without any monthly fee or recurring charges. Once you are in chat with a person, and like him or her and want to hold explicit sext conversation you can upgrade to the premium version of the app. You can also call the person to have one-to-one sexual conversations and exchange videos and pictures while on the call.

  1. Frankly

Now here is an app that offers complete anonymity with disappearing messages, videos and pics. Since, its launch Frankly has caused quite a stir in the anonymous sexting app domain with its ultimate secrecy features. Not only you can have one-to-one sexual conversations, but can also engage in group sext chats on this app. You can even send voice messages with this app while maintaining your anonymity. What we liked the most in this app is the feature to un-send a text message which is a first. It lets you maintain your dignity if you texted something offensive or creepy.

  1. Kik

One of our favorite apps, Kik is not just for sexting, but a complete messaging app like any other. However, due to  extensive anonymity it provides, often sexually active community uses Kik as their anonymous sexting app. An easy to use app, there are straightforward options to share your pictures, videos and live cam on this app. Kik uses encryption and every security protocol necessary to make sure your sext messages are secured. With compatibility to both Android and iOS platforms, Kik is an easy to use and ideal app to get started with anonymous sexting safely.

  1. Confide

With most anonymous sexting apps, there is always a chance of screenshot capturing of your explicit messages, but not with Confide. A text only app, Confide has excellent encryption in place to secure incoming and outgoing text messages. App is free to use and you can download it from Google Play and Apple iTunes. Adding a recipient is easy using their emails. For the safety, the app only displays limited words of the text you send and the reader has to wand over the text to reveal the complete message that disappears soon after. This makes discreet and private messaging possible with this app.

  1. Cyber Dust

As we are discussing anonymous sexting websites and apps, Cyber Dust deserves a mention as it is one of the most secured apps that we have come across. Its major selling points are screenshot detection, end-to-end message encryption, disappearing messages and no permanent trace. If you think these features sound too good to be true, be rest assured as we have tested and verified that Cyber Dust delivers what it promises. You can download this app for free on Android and Iphone devices.  Sexting is truly anonymous when your messages are not saved anywhere, even on the server hard drives. This is what Cyber Dust promises and delivers. No permanent trace means your messages are not saved on server hard drives which means they are gone for good once they disappear.  You can disable the setting to prevent messages from disappearing if you want. Encryption is so secured that the Cyber Dust staff can’t even decrypt the messages you send.

These are some of the most renowned sexting websites and in one of them you can find the best sexting app for your requirements.